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With the blessings of Shri Chakradhar Bhagwanji, Akhil Bhartiy Mahanubhav Mandal (ABMM) have convinced the website owner to delete the death event 7th February 1273 about our swamiji on after a long continuous struggle of 6 months. The dharmabandhu of Akhil Bhartiya Chattisgarh Jaykrishna Mahanubhav Mandal, Bhilai and the dharmabandhu from Mumbai maintained the communication with website owner. Continuous emailing to owner received the success in this matter. Website owner mailed in reply that they had deleted the contents from site. This is only due to the swamiji who have heard our callings and inspired the website owner to act accordingly. ABMM cannot forget the efforts made by the mahanubhav yahoo group members who had initiated this move before two years but could not get success at that time. It is due to them only ABMM have intervened in this matter and communicated to the owner positively. The credit goes to every one who had contributed with us or in past and prayed to our swamiji for deleting this death event. ABMM started this movement on 29th February 2008 and within 6 months on 29th August 2008 and they received mail stating that the content deleted. Swamiji said,

"Tu ubha thaklasichi pure, siddhi te ethonichi neijail ki ga!”

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