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Pancha Avatar

Lord Shri Krishna

Historically, Lord Krishna appeared on the midnight of the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Sravana in Mathura, India to Devaki and Vasudeva in the jail cell of the tyrant Kamsa. This corresponds to July 19th 3228 BC. The place of His birth is known as Sri Krishna Janmasthana. He appeared with his brother Balarama in response to the demigods' prayers for protection from the widespread influence of demonic administration on earth. He exhibited His pastimes for a little over 125 years and disappeared on February 18th 3102 BC on the new moon night of Phalguna. His departure marks the beginning of the current age of corruption known as Kali.

Life Span:

Till age 3: Appeared at midnight of Sravana k8 (July 19/20), year 3228 BC to Devaki. Taken by Vasudeva from Mathura to Nanda and Yasoda in Gokula. Killed Putana, Sakatasura, Trinivarta demons.

From age 3 to 6: Killed Bakasura, Aghasura, Dhenuka.

From age 7 to 10: Brahma steals and returns cowherd boys. Govardhana puja. Played rasa-lila with the gopis. Invited to Mathura for wrestling match. Killed Canura and Kansa.

From age 10 to 28: Lived in Mathura. Intimated with Balarama into chanting Gayatri by Gargamuni. Instructed with Balarama in the sixty four arts by Sandipani. Protects Mathura from many demons.

From age 19 to 125: Establishes kingdom in Dvaraka. Marriage to Rukmini and 7 principal queens. Marriage to 16,100 princesses. 161,080 sons born to Krishna. Speaks Bhagavad-Gita at Kuruksetra Battle. Saves King Pariksit in the womb instructs Uddhava .

125 Disappearances on February 18th 3102 BC.

Life Overview:

Epoch (Era)Dwaper Era.
Birth Place Mathura
Birth Time 12.00AM (Mid Night)
Birth Day Wednesday
Kind of BirthBy Birth, Son of Devki and Vasudeva.
Main DisciplesUddhav and Arjun.

Vasudeosutam Deom Kanschanurmardam |

Devaki Paramanandam Krushnam Vande Jagadgurum ||

Lord Dattatreya Prabhu

Sahydri Shikhare Ramyam AtriAnusuyanandanam |

Twam Vande Paramanandam Dattarya Jagadgurum||

Lord Dattatreya is incarnation of the formless God, like Sri Krishna and is single headed and not triple headed. They are the supreme lord himself. The word Datta means "Given", Datta is called because the divine trinity have "given" themselves in the form of a son to the great sage couple Atri and Anasuya. Its a belief that avatar of Lord Dattatreya will remain in all the four yugas. And that is why they also referred to as "Chaturyugi Avatar".

Life Overview:

Epoch (Era)Treta Era
Birth PlaceBadrikashram, Himalaya
Birth Time4.00AM, Early Morning
Birth DayFriday
Kind of BirthBy Birth, Son of Anasiya and Atririsi
Main DisciplesYadu Raja, Alark Raja and Mahalasa.

Lord Chakrapani Maharaj

Phalsthnagare Jatam Dwarawatyam Nivasinam|

Naumyahm Chakrapani ram Janakdwijinandanam||

Life Overview:

Epoch (Era)Kali Era
Birth PlacePhaltan, Satara, Maharashtra
Birth Time9.00AM
Birth DayThursday
Kind of BirthBy Birth, Son of Janakaisa and Janaknavak
Main DisciplesAnantmuni , Dundiraul and Udharinat.

Lord Govind Prabhu

Nemumbodar Sambhutam Kanwatnantnayakat |

Prabhum Namani Govindam Jivavidhyaribhanjakam||

Life Overview:

Epoch (Era)Kali Era
Birth PlaceKatsur, Amaravati, Maharashtra
Birth Time11.00 PM
Birth DayThursday
Kind of BirthBy Birth, Son of Nemaisa and Ananta Nayak
Main DisciplesMahim Bhat , Lakshmindra Bhat , Kothloba and Abaisa.

Sarvadnya Sri Chakradhara Swami

The Mahanubhava sect was started by Sarvadnya Sri Chakradhar Swami in 1267. He propagated a religious movement as well as social movement, in which all were accepted irrespective of their castes and the traditional ritualistic religion was rejected. He told his disciples that the lord takes avatars in all four yugas. Same was said by lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita - dharma sansthaapnaarthay sambhavaami yuge yuge. There is no time in this world when no avatar is there. But they told us of only five of the innumerable avatars viz., Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Dattatreya, Lord Sri Chakrapani, Lord Sri Govindaprabhu, and Lord Sri Chakrdhar Swami (himself). Even knowing of one avatar, and walking on the path lightened by them can lead to the ultimate bliss(moksha). But why only these five? This was because these avatars fell in the guru parampara. Lord Sri Govindaprabhu was the guru of Lord Sri Chakradhar Swami, and so on. Lord Chakrapani was the guru of Lord Sri Govindaprabhu, and so on.Lord Sri Dattatreya Prabhu, and Lord Sri Krishna are not said to have another avatar as guru. After giving his precious teaches he went to the North direction in search of adhikaari purush, the men who deserved to see the lord.

Putram Vishaldeosya Nityamukti Pradayakam|

Malinee Paramanandam Vande Chakradhrm Vibhu||

Life Overview:

Epoch (Era)Kali Era
Birth PlaceBhadoch, Gujrat
Birth Time12.00 Noon
Birth DayThursday
Kind of BirthBy Throught Resurrection, Son of Malhan and Vishaldev
Main DisciplesMNagdevacharya , Nathoba , Mahadaisa And Baisa.
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