The Mahanubhava Panth was founded by Sarvadnya Sri Chakradhar Bhagwant in 11th century. Sarvadnya taught us to walk on the path lightened by him which will lead to ultimate bliss (Moksha). This is the first Panth which deliberately flouted the upper caste monopoly of Sanskrit learning. To express thoughts and day to day activities of Mahanubhav Panth the Supremely Divine News Paper called “Mahanubhav Sandesh” is made available to common man.

Mahanubhav Sandesh is a leading News Paper of Mahanubhav Panth and is mainly published in Marathi & Hindi language, will also be published in English language in near future. Mahanubhav Sandesh is printed forthightly with the purpose to deliver news, views and other information of public interest also primarily focusing on Mahanubhav Panth events, activities and development of our Panth.


20/06/2011 Please save "Matang Vihir".

20/11/2011 Matang Vihir is nearly eight hundred years old.


Dr. Kolte Sampadit Lilacharitra

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